Connecting Speakers and Teachers for Students

Steachr is the only mobile world designed specifically for schools and speakers to connect. No longer will schools have to spend hours searching for speakers or speakers spend hours searching for schools. Steachr has placed them all in one community to give each party easy access to communicate.

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Teachers locate speakers by interest

Steachr’s speaker and schools search filters will allow you to narrow down and pin point the speaker or teacher you want to connect with. Not only can speakers communicate with schools but they can connect with other speakers. Teachers will also have access to other teachers.

Speakers locate opportunities at area schools

Schools searching: Find speakers in any city across the United States. Easy filters allow you to filter speakers by age, city, certifications, and special interests etc. We want you to use Steachr as a connection tool. Whether you want to speak life into tomorrow’s generation, bring a dynamic leader into your classroom and take a break from teaching, or stay up to date with the latest news from like minded individuals in your industry. Steachr is the place!

Speakers get training from industry elite

As leaders you will always be in the business of perfecting your gift. Whether it’s mastering your fear of speaking, communicating strategies, identifying your audience, or lack of resources. Steachr has provided you with the best of best coaches and world changers at the click of a button.

This app is amazing! I use it every single day. Sending and receiving money goes super fast
Jonathan Davis
This app is pretty awesome. It allows me to quickly check my card balances and I can even add extra budget very easily.
Mark Grover